Otherwise,the shorter the color effect of the use of time,but to retain the sensitive

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Otherwise,the shorter the color effect of the use of time,but to retain the sensitive Empty Otherwise,the shorter the color effect of the use of time,but to retain the sensitive

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While wearing sunglasses,take off if you feel a headache,always preferably immediately sunglasses after it had disappeared within 30 minutes,replace the lightweight,compact pair,it appears ??.Trouble 2: lens care too tight,too numb toothache eyesIf you feel gingival numbness of the front teeth,the pain,sunglasses wearing a long,two lens care might be too tight.Optician,lens,will go to ask the people to loosen more care,or for a wide glasses comfortable brim.In a survey of ophthalmologists of Germany,as have the infinite toothache,the first tight lens holder according to Inter eyes and cheeks,even long after more than two hours,the pain spreads to gradually mouth,mild numbness,it was found that it has the discomfort of nasal breathing.Trouble 3: Lens color is too deep,tired of super eyeBritish Association for the eye disease study was found to be associated with the lens that 13% of blindness is associated too deep.If your eyes are bright brown darker the eyes of the people of the blue and brown have a better UV resistance.And,you choose the purple and pure black sunglasses,eyes tired,there is a possibility of causing Pull ?? the long down blindness.The eyes of experts,South Korea,says the most suitable light gray and pink for dark eye lens color and Asian women.18 maintenance of common sense 1.you,when you wear pick glasses,while the selected glasses wearing both hands,deformation in the one hand,to outward to off possibility of loosening occurs,please know the temple.Cloth,using a lens cleaning up the lens,when it is not put in a special bag 2,beware of lenses and frames to damage the hard objects.
3.frames and lenses dirt with neutral detergent for dry cleaning with a soft cloth,sweat,grease,it was stained with cosmetics and other warm water.Long wet 4.ban,and do not have soaked in water,it is placed in a fixed place by sun exposure,no longer current,and place the metal edge.Please to double the left foot mirror mirror 5 revenue.6.distorted frame,reused when,sagging,to free the adjustment dealer is called the high-spirited,can cause the definition of the lens that was affected.It said plate sunglasses after a certain period it is possible to adjust the dealers to perform a bit usual symptoms frames,can be deformed.8.Otherwise,the shorter the color effect of the use of time,but to retain the sensitive mirror for a long time direct sunlight in place,in the case of 1,and dreamed of a long-term wear,gradually ease your If it is possible to be,is losing its polarization effect,please do not do not change.19 should in no crowd GlaucomaAnd sunglasses to reduce the visible light entering the eye wearing,the pupil will be natural.This change,what effect on healthy people of the pupil,but no for glaucoma patients,a lot of room to increase the circulation of the eye disease,is a possibility that acute glaucoma occurs,jealousy there,eye rapid reduction of pain,headache,nausea,vomiting,symptoms such as vision.Therefore,glaucoma or patients of glaucoma is suspected,please do not wear sunglasses.Color blindnessAll color blind person wearing sunglasses does not receive a lot of influence.However,some Semanghuanzhe few colors,if it can not distinguish between more colors after wear sunglasses,because it lacks the ability to identify.Night blindnessNight blindness for vitamin A obtained in the dim light is insufficient,the vision will be affected.So sunglasses night blindness will affect the patient's vision.RetinitisSunglasses,optic nerve conduction disturbances optic retinitis patients,will exacerbate the effects of the disease of recovery.ChildChildren under 6 years of age,does not have developed to the still normal levels of visual function.If the hospital of new vision ophthalmology hospital that was extended sunglasses,has said it will affect the visual development of children.It may lead to amblyopia to door.Polarizing plate difference Today,anti-UV sunglasses and eyeglasses are usually divided into two types of polarized light microscopy,sunglasses to block the sunlight or ultraviolet rays colored glass,is someone who is normally accustomed.
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