Black and red gradient color of will to bright colorful face.Because of the square

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Black and red gradient color of will to bright colorful face.Because of the square Empty Black and red gradient color of will to bright colorful face.Because of the square

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Neat and the thinness of the temple,it is a design exquisite balance of firm front part! Famous eyewear brand in the glasses for PC such as JINS PC "JINS (Gin)." JINS there is a "JINS CLASSIC (Gin's classic)" to eyewear type of that deployment."JINS CLASSIC" is a "classic frame" has been loved timeless by universal and sophisticated form,is fused with the life style and trends of modern people,JINS By your own re-definition,many It aims to propose as a new basic of over easy eyewear for people.Classic style of the glasses frame,combines an authentic feel and texture,blur no stylish design even if age has changed.JINS CLASSIC began two versions of TV CM the newly Rie Miyazawa,was appointed Lily? Franky from the 18th.
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