CPL display have special properties,in one direction (eg,x) while its vertical

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CPL display have special properties,in one direction (eg,x) while its vertical

Post by JohnsonAshley on Thu Jul 20, 2017 9:32 am

To stop while shooting in vibration,it will be the polarization direction of the same portion of the non-polarized light.To avoid color screen,a plurality of files in order to increase the exposure is generally too dull.Classification By usingSki gogglesFishing mirrorPolarization drive mirrorOutdoor Sports mirrorGolf GlassesMaterialGlassResin materialTAC lens materialAccording to the principle point,Circularly polarized light microscope (below CPL)Linear polarizer of (referred to as LPL)LPL is mainly used in the old-fashioned manual focus camera.Add a layer of 1/4 wavelength of the film,after,this film is CPL display have special properties,in one direction (eg,x) while its vertical,/ 2 phase shift π polarization of the electric vector You can generate the electric vector direction (assuming y) it has no effect.This,through the bisector quarter-wave plate which can be polarized along the x and y directions,then the emitted light,two perpendicular polarization phase difference of the polarization direction in the synthesis of light It is a π / 2 a bunch,that is,so-called circularly polarized light.
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This design,modern autofocus,automatic exposure camera,is more appropriate.Currently in use that have been AF lens camera (auto focus camera with interchangeable lenses),will be used as a polarization CPL.In some lighting conditions,the linear polarizer,the machine measured optical element for metering,it is possible to mislead DC,most autofocus camera uses a circularly polarizing plate.By colorPink and scarlet: Under the glare of the case,that it is possible to improve the contrast and sharpness are very suitable for water sports and snow events,it is very strong.Brown or brown: so you can increase the contrast of colors,selection of the lens during operation.Amber,yellow or orange: a cloudy day is very fit to wear,but you can have a very clear vision,it is not suitable for use under strong sunlight.Gray or dark green: Depending on the material to retain the original natural color,it is a good choice.
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