Speaking of the teardrop is synonymous with "The Aviator" of Ray-Ban,a number of icons

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Speaking of the teardrop is synonymous with "The Aviator" of Ray-Ban,a number of icons Empty Speaking of the teardrop is synonymous with "The Aviator" of Ray-Ban,a number of icons

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The image of a cool ice candy in the clear color of the frame.It will line up all 6 flavors.Enlarge image of Ray-Ban "Wayfarer" new"ICE-POP" collection,juicy fruit color ring features flavors such as ice candy.Watermelon (Watermelon),Grape (grape),Strawberry (Strawberry),Mint (mint),each color of Blueberry (blueberry),Citrus (Citrus),expresses the flavor of ice candy.Price tax each 24,000 yen.Is an iconic manner sunglasses of "Ray-Ban","WAYFARER" released in 1952.The 2010 incorporates the pop prints in colorful "RARE PRINTS (rare print)" series is applied to the new,to design the logo was printed the subway map of New York "SUBWAY" and "Ray-Ban" so far "Ray-Ban MANIA" you have,have been published various print such as "BLOCKS (block)" in block print by London design group "LA BOCA (La? Boca)".Aviator,current sales during the surge all over the world as an icon models that succeed in Wayfarer! The long-awaited color type to hottest model "Ray-Ban Clubmaster" (Ray-Ban Club master) of appeared.1950s intelligence of symbolism and anti-establishment spirit dwells club master.And attention to technical detail,sophisticated styling,exceptional design which can also be said to be the essence of the classic.

Adidas Climacool It has also appeared in a number of movies such as "JFK," "Malcolm X".Even while feel the retro classic,it has somehow feel the newness CLUBMASTER.A new evolution it was only with the advent of color model.The polarizing lens of Ray-Ban,the "P" mark are arranged casually to the right eye the upper side of the logo as shown in the photograph.Article with pictures? Link of "surprising blind spot! Ray-Ban can choose the" P "mark!?" Is hereIts modest or personality because,Or whether such because with the dark brown of the iris.Anyway,reluctant to put the sunglasses,or Cavalier Japanese still many.But its recognition,it will be amended as soon as possible.PC,smartphone,tablet,etc.,as those who live in the 2010s that time to stare the LCD monitor has increased dramatically which emits a "blue light" to put a burden on the eyes,the risk of suffering from eye problems such as cataracts and age-related macular degeneration is a problem that should be considered seriously,the most effective (and simple) means for preventing the ultraviolet rays is the biggest enemy for the eyes,because he can put the sunglasses have now.Longer sunglasses,would say that's the item should be a must also for the Japanese.So,I say that the one should I choose what sunglasses,the answer is really simple.It is I should choose a "real".

Monster Energy and FoxSunglasses,is a fashion item becomes accent of coordination,and to think that there is also a medical equipment to cut the ultraviolet rays,the existence of "real" meet the two that at a high level is actually a very rare,its rare species that of the largest is Ray-Ban,should no objection.Speaking of the teardrop is synonymous with "The Aviator" of Ray-Ban,a number of icons who decorate the era has been over "Wayfarer" is,now is because the model of the to say sunglasses with the global representative any time.And of course,even in the functional surface not only fashion,Ray-Ban has a strong Evidence.Chance of Ray-Ban birth,the first place is in the United States Army Air Corps.Bausch & Lomb,which was asked to develop a "sunglasses to protect the eyes of the pilot" from them,the over the years of six years,to complete was a unique green the "Ray-Ban Green lens" in 1923.The following year,sunglasses that the teardrop is,after being formality adopted as "The Aviator (astronaut) model" to the United States Air Force,as those that shut off the light (Ray) (Ban),birth brand Ray-Ban is in 1937 than is was.optical technology that Ray-Ban is harboring is was a military spec.Ban with such DNA has's lens developed "more for ensuring a clear view," it "polarizing lens (Ray-Ban Polarized)." The polarizing lens,

Nike Air Max 2014 since the lens having the function of blocking the main reflected light,by applying,for example,glare tight building windows and water,or the Gila with the windscreen of the oncoming vehicle,it is possible to see through the clear and so as to (around here it is so "proof is in the pudding," I want to see the video below)."Cut the Gila light with a clear to ensure visibility" it not only leads to a reduction of the relief or accident stress,at the same time,since also leads to reduce the risk of UV is mixed into the eye by the irregular reflection It is there.However,as long as they see the results of this survey,the Japanese resistance strongly until a brave against glare,consciousness of choosing a polarizing lens also,it is not forced to said lower than still in Europe and the United States.However,the strong glare is because with the dark iris,that not not in the eyes ultraviolet Just because not dazzling,it should be reminded here.And as soon as possible,you should get the sunglasses of "real".Get lost or should take what in your hands? So long,polarizing lens of Ray-Ban,that you want to recommend that you as a mark of the "P" mark derived from the Polarized.Sunglasses legitimate and innovation and also say model,even in "The Aviator" in both the "Wayfarer","club master",because there is bears line the mark.Speaking of RayBan (Ray-Ban),It is a brand that the world out a lot of masterpiece in sunglasses?,,,Speaking of color of the sunglasses lens of such a Ray-BanSo!
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