Bright colors of sunglasses for shade,the wearer good results shade,if such in the sun

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Bright colors of sunglasses for shade,the wearer good results shade,if such in the sun Empty Bright colors of sunglasses for shade,the wearer good results shade,if such in the sun

Post by JohnsonAshley on Wed Aug 24, 2016 1:19 pm

Sunglasses,your sunglasses must ensure that filtering 100% of the two types of ultraviolet radiation,it is possible to eliminate UV radiation and has good UV coating.Sunglasses sunglasses of the label will be able to provide UV protection,you need to indicate the extent to which requires the protection of 100%.9 Technical Specifications Vertex deviationThe nominal value of the vertex sunglasses 0.00D,be assembled lens manufacturing of lenses and frames of deviation or mismatch,and you must have a possibility to generate a vertexSunglassesSunglassesDeviation (ie the apex positive or negative),

yeezy adidas boostbeyond a certain range,may wearer feel visual distortion,it will affect the health of seriously the wearer's vision.GB10810.1 "spectacle lenses - Part 1: a single light multifocal lens" Table 1 of the national standards of the requirements corresponding to the spherical vertex tolerance of ± 0.12D; cylinder vertex degree of tolerance of ± 0.09D.PrismPrism sunglasses if 0.00Δ,the lens has a prism,when it exceeds the standard tolerances,it may lead to binocular vision,there is a need to generate a visual shift focus 1,or non- sudden sense of equilibrium,were adjusted to a No ocular and optic nerve disorder in increased wear,

New Balance Sneakers Homme it can either lead to severe neurological control disorders,it can be generated perspective.Table 4 of the prism tolerance is 0.25Δ GB10810.1,I will more.Light transmittance (τV)For bright colors of sunglasses,> 40% of light transmittance,solar mirror,8%? For 40% of the light transmittance range.Light transmittance project is an important indicator of the functional analysis of sunglasses.Although the European and international standards will be divided into five categories,the mirror of the sun,the bright colors of sunglasses,and a dedicated sunglasses: The current standard press of China,this sunglasses,

Chaussures Casquette Jordandivided into the following three categories: It is.Another category uses a different sunglasses.Bright colors of sunglasses for shade,the wearer good results shade,if such in the sun you will not be able to get such strong for a long time of outdoor activities,the wearer is still strong light and fatigue It will be stimulated.General decorative role or light-colored sunglasses sun is not strong indoors,.On the contrary,the strong sunlight of venue awning wearing a pupil in the room ??,that as excessive amplification discomfort,or you do not need to be blocked due to the fatigue.for cyclists and drivers to proceed faster than the speed of the pedestrian,
nike air max 2016 black transmission,wearing a rider,in the mirror of a small product and not suitable to the driver the sun,the effect on the ability to respond transmittance is too low given you.Average transmittance(UV spectral region)The value of the average,transmittance,UV spectral range in the lens of the ultraviolet rays on the basis of the average transmittance,is as follows.a) the UVA of 315nm? 380nm wavelength,in the average transmittance should ≤τVτSUVA.UVB of b) the wavelength of? 315nm at 290nm,the average transmittance τSUVB should ≤0.5τV.
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In addition,the band UVB,light-colored sunglasses,the average transmittance% ≤30 should,average transmittance should be ≤5% sunshade.If the sunglasses meet this requirement,and ultraviolet which,while also blocking a substantial amount of ultraviolet radiation,either by reaching the most basic requirement of protection for blocking light to wear sunglasses,at least (to accept sunglasses Masu wear Wear corresponding amount of light amount increases) ultraviolet,when the human eye to receive UV than not wear sunglasses,which under the same external conditions,can not stop the sunglasses,which was increased in's pupil,as a result,it will reduce the flux to the human eye.
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